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Because we are a provider that does not engage in any transactions that invoke coverage of the HIPPA Privacy Act, the privacy practices and terms described in this Notice are voluntarily undertaken. Therefore, nothing in this Notice should be construed as creating any contractual or legal rights on behalf of clients. We reserve the right to modify our privacy practices and this Notice at any time.

Individually identifiable information about your past, present, or future health or condition, the provision of health care to you, or payment for health care is considered “Protected Health Information” (PHI). We will extend certain protections to your PHI.

We may disclose your PHI to doctors, nurses, or other health care personnel who are involved in providing your health care. Your PHI may be shared with outside entities performing ancillary services to your treatment. We may communicate with these entities, but subject to our confidentiality policies and any special instructions that you have given.

Disclosure of your PHI may be made without your consent or authorization when required by law, when required for public health reasons, when necessary to avert a threat of harm to you or a third person, or when other circumstances may require or reasonably warrant such disclosure.

When you submit a request via our website or e-mail, we use that information to process your request. We do not share this information with other parties, except when necessary to complete your request.

E-mail addresses are used for communication purposes only. E-mail addresses are not shared with other groups or individuals without your consent. We do reserve the right to use general information in a collection of demographics.

If you have any questions or concerns about use of this web site, or any other security issues, please contact us.