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You have just discovered that your companion is pregnant (or thinks she may be pregnant). This unplanned event may or may not be positive news for you. You might be experiencing anger or feeling overwhelmed and are wondering how to handle this situation.

You do not want to make a hasty decision that you may regret later in life. After all, you are deciding the future of your son or daughter.

You probably have as many questions as she does:

• Is the pregnancy test reliable?

• Should I see the ultrasound?

• What options do I have?

• What part will I have in deciding what to do?

• What if I don’t want this baby?

• How can I help her? I’m anxious (and she’s afraid!)

• Is there help for me?

• Do I understand what happens during an abortion procedure?

Our staff is here to help.

• We understand what you and your companion are facing.

• We will answer your questions.

• We will listen without judging you or your companion.

• We will help you explore your options – parenting, adoption, and pregnancy termination.

Your companion needs to know that you care for her. She needs to process her feelings and fears and she needs to hear your concerns. Please feel free to call us and speak with one of our male counselors. You can make an appointment (with or without your companion) at our center.

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