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Where Do We Begin?

When you have had sex and need to know if you are pregnant, we’re here to help you. It’s understandable to have a lot of questions and concerns. If you have taken a home pregnancy test, the next step is to confirm your pregnancy by taking a 99% accurate lab quality test at our facility. This is a free pregnancy test and the results will be available immediately. The important thing is to know that you’re not alone.

Am I pregnant?

Pregnancy Symptoms may include:

  • • Missed period or periods
  • • Sore and swollen breasts
  • • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • • Appetite changes
  • • Fatigue
  • • Headaches
  • • Slight bleeding or spotting
  • • Dizziness


Medical Pregnancy Verification

Each pregnancy is unique, so symptoms may vary. If you are experiencing some of these symptoms, especially if you have missed one or more periods, make an appointment or walk in to verify your possible pregnancy. Pregnancy tests are free.

If your pregnancy test is positive, we can refer you for a free obstetrical ultrasound to establish how advanced you are in your pregnancy, ensure that it’s not an ectopic pregnancy, and determine if you are at risk for a miscarriage. Statistics show an estimated 1 in 3 pregnancies end in miscarriage. That’s important to know before you go thorough any abortion procedure.

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