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Your Rights

Before You Choose, You Deserve The Right To:

  • • A no  pressure environment
  • • Confidential services
  • • Reliable information
  • • Time to make an informed choice
  • • Knowledge about abortion procedures

• Speak with someone who…
…will be supportive.
…will be available.
…can answer your questions.
…will respect you.

Protecting your health and your
legal rights is your responsibility.

We care about your rights.

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NEVER, under any circumstances, let someone take this form away from you, INCLUDING the doctor who is performing your abortion procedure or any member of the clinic or hospital staff. This document may be photocopied if necessary, but in order to protect your legal rights you should keep it in a safe place.

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Be Informed


Never let someone persuade you or force you to rush into such a serious decision. Know all of your rights and options and be totally informed before deciding the future of your pregnancy. Remember that legal documents you are asked to sign at the clinic are not designed to protect you; they are designed to protect the physician, medical staff and the facility.